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Over 30 years ago, Steve Favour started Signature Taxidermy Studio. As a talented taxidermist devoted to his business, he gained recognition worldwide, and was known as one of the best in the Southwest. Steve specialized in African, Exotic, and North American lifesize and shoulder mounts, but could do it all! He put much time and effort into all of the wildlife organizations he loved. Steve has been a lifetime member of Safari Club International and the United Taxidermist's Association, master measurer, and a certified AWF measurer. 

Steve believed that it was important to share his knowledge of the taxidermy industry with his employees, and ran Signature Taxidermy as a team effort. He taught those working for him everything he knew, and stressed the importance of quality products and customer service, in hopes that Signature Taxidermy would be a long lasting Flagstaff business, and his legacy would continue even after he retired.  

Signature Taxidermy remains open, and the same team of employees Steve trained over the last several years are still producing the superior quality of products Signature Taxidermy has always been known for. We are thankful to everyone that continues to support Signature Taxidermy, and our ability to carry on Steve's legacy, just as he wanted.